The International Federation of Knights of Rizal (IFKOR) is a non-profit civic organization duly registered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It represents what the fraternal brotherhood called “Orden de Caballeros de Rizal” founded in the Philippines in 1911 should have slowly evolved into during the last thirty years when it expanded to other countries. The grassroots-inspired federalization process that started in March 17, 2008 is the culmination of three years of persistent struggle with the leadership in Manila for reforms and resolution to a number of very serious issues that saw the sad departure from the membership roster of many distinguished members such as the grandson of Ferdinand Blumentritt and the grandson of Pastor Hack-Ullmer, both close personal friends of Jose Rizal in Germany.

While what could be seen on the surface were the problems caused by abuses, anomalies and incompetence on the part of elected and appointed leaders in Manila and in overseas regions,  the underlying problem was far more serious. The arrogance and refusal by the Supreme Council in connivance with the Council of Elders to deal honestly, justly and fairly with the well-documented scandals underscored the need to overhaul the archaic nature of the colonial type of leadership entrenched in Manila that has never adapted to the changing times. It refused to recognize and admit that the organization is no longer just a corporation among Filipinos in the Philippines but that it has become a global multiracial/multicultural body of Rizal adherents across different continents.

The establishment of IFKOR is in recognition of the fact that the chapters in other countries are governed by the laws in those countries and they are therefore naturally autonomous of Manila. They cannot be expected to function effectively if they remain beholden to the political whims of those who are running the organization imperialistically from the Philippines. As foreign chapters they should have equitable and fair representation in the equivalent of an International Board which does not exist.

But rather than wait for changes that are clearly not forthcoming from the leadership based in the Philippines, a number of those in the rank and file who were erstwhile considered ‘reformists’ preempted what will eventually develop: the federalization of the membership.

IFKOR is made up of various National Regions which are in essence individual countries where there exist Knights of Rizal. Each country or region is represented at the International Council that serves as the policy making body . Implementation of those policies is relegated to the International Board of Trustees/Executive Officers.

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